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Customised for businesses with a high turnover of labels or product artwork with a standard look and feel.

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Save Time & Money

The packaging of a product is often the only resource a buyer has for evaluating the product before purchasing it. Certain information that is ordinarily included in the packaging can be templated to save time and money.

Once templated with branding and legal/regulatory requirements built in, new artwork can be quickly created and reviewed. This module has been extremely invaluable to the creation and management of wine labels.

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Increase your speed to market

Where artwork requires more than one person’s input and/or review, a workflow system can be added allowing a group of users to, (in series view), edit and proof the content. The workgroups are customisable to include all key people. This helps to minimise correction cycles and streamline your internal processes.


Facts & Figures of our Hubsuite clients

Save Time

  • Artwork creation faster by up to 76.6%.
  • Reduces correction cycles by up to 99.9%.

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Reduce Costs

  • Huge financial benefits with up to 30% cost reduction.

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100% Traceability

  • Communication roles are clearly set out and met.
  • Anyone can use the system.
  • Business does not stop when one person is away.
  • System value immeasurable.


  • Product and company information can be templated to save time and money.
  • Workgroup customised to include all key decision makers.
  • Edit text with fonts & colours preset within your brand guidelines.
  • Created quickly and reviewed online.
  • Creates internal/external workflow systems.


  • Invaluable tool for the wine industry.
  • Increase speed to market.
  • Absolute brand management of your labels.
  • Prepressed file delivered direct to a printer of your choice.
  • KPI Reporting.


Villa Maria

“We have found internally that Hubsuite has given us greater time value as well as substantial financial benefits associated to creating a label. Hubsuite creates an environment where communication and roles are clearly set out and met. Our suppliers are happy to achieve deadlines set because the system is so streamlined and efficient. The team at Hubsuite is always quick to respond and deliver a great service from a great team. The value of this service simply can’t be measured”