Success Stories

How Hubsuite has helped companies around New Zealand.

Success Story #1

Villa Maria Estate / Packaging Generator

From a one man band to a global brand in just 50 years, Villa Maria has revolutionised the New Zealand wine label making process with the help of Hubsuite’s Packaging Generator.

An icon of the New Zealand wine industry, Villa Maria employs more than 250 permanent staff and exports wine to over 50 countries worldwide and needed a system that would help them to automate their labelling process. Staff were fed up with having to co-ordinate label changes using photocopies of previous years artwork and sending to multiple parties each time. It was near impossible to track the multiple rounds of corrections with multiple stakeholders and ended up a logistical paper nightmare.

As with many wineries there is generally only one or two people in the whole of the organisation tasked with managing the company’s whole bottling and labelling process and Villa Maria was no exception. Villa’s Purchasing Manager and Graphic Designer were due to travel overseas at the same time and even though their leave had been approved, they suddenly realised that the whole operation would come to a complete stand still. Desperate for a solution the Hubsuite Packaging Generator was implemented and within five weeks a member of their production team with no prior knowledge of their job was able to continue the labeling process.

By institutionalising a formal system to template and manage their label production, anyone in the company could run it. Eventually management moved their carton production onto the system after reducing their prepress bill by 30% in the first year. 

By templating the label and carton process it allowed staff members to commence implementing the next vintage labels in the system before they were required, prior to vintage release. The only information then required was the alcohol percentage added before final proof sign off allowing the label to be at the printers that same day, ensuring Villa remained ahead of the game.

“We have found internally that Hubsuite has given us greater time value as well as substantial financial benefits associated to creating a label. Hubsuite creates an environment where communication and roles are clearly set out and met. Our suppliers are happy to achieve deadlines set because the system is so streamlined and efficient. The team at Hubsuite is always quick to respond and deliver a great service from a great team. The value of this service simply can’t be measured” – Christine Nukunuku (Purchasing Manager of Villa Maria)

VILLA MARIA – New Zealand’s Most Awarded Winery (Brandhub client since 1998)